IE7 name for id in Javascript??

Hi guys,

In a project I have been working on recenty, I have to deal with Internet Explorer 7 (can you believe it?). Anyway, the reason that we should work with Internet Explorer 7 is that most of the UI cannot work with anything other than IE7. I was curious of why that might be.

In a few days I understood the reason. For example a web page was unable to work with Chrome because it was giving a Javascript error for not finding an object specified by its id in the DOM. Then i checked and saw that there is really no sign of an object there. So when I tried it with IE7, i saw the horror :

 document.all['idthatisnotavailable'].value = 'some value'; <code>

As the name suggests, it was not an id, but a name for an input element of a form. So i saw that IE7 permits you to use the name field for the place of id fields in javascript code. Oh god!! What else do they have in store for us?